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The Protégé (2021)

Much, much better than I was expecting. Samuel Jackson, Maggie Q and Michael Keaton all together in an Amazon Prime production is not what I imagined I would welcoming in the New Year to, but here we are. Now, I should point out that while it was better than I expected, I wasn't expecting very much to begin with.

Despite the increasing years of most of the cast, they can still put their respective Zimmer frames down and get dirty when they need to, even if Keaton enjoys a verbal sparring more than ever, which is just aswell, because he still pulls it off with ease.

A welcome third act twist is not really a surprise, but the expectation is part of the enjoyment when what you imagine to be true, actually is, making the last third of this a chaotic, flamboyant mess.

Altogether, a very surprisingly engaging film throughout, Decent action scenes, punctuated by intriguing exposition and solid, reliable acting make this better than the normal of the genre.

I'm glad I caught it, seeing how I could so easily have missed it. I came for Michael Keaton really, but the bonuses from Maggie Q and Samuel Jackson were very welcome.


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