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The Round-Up #2 (April 22)

Jimmy Savile - A British Horror Story

Now then, now then I once wrote to Jimmy Savile asking him to fix it for me to meet the Leeds United squad at their training ground. I was about eight or nine, I think. I've never been so glad to be ignored. I could well have done without a grubby, overcast day in Yorkshire, getting a cigar shoved up my arsehole.

Cruella (2021)

Lovely attention to details, fabulous costumes and excellent make-up make this little more than an overlong tale of a bad girl desperately wanting to be good in light of forces that seem to want the opposite.

Stone is fine as Cruella, at least as fine as Thompson is as good playing opposite her. Not quite the rip-roaring adventure we wanted or were expecting, but for the less demanding, at which this seems to be based, this is perfectly average.

Time Is Up (2021)

Unimaginative direction, a shoddy script and odd pacing is not saved by the acting which is laughable. The score doesn't fit for the most part and it would appear that everything that matters has been ignored for the sake of candy actors who may look pretty but have no other discernible talent.

The whole project at least looks more expensive than the cast and crew are able to produce, but altogether, something of a completely avoidable car-crash that really should never have seen the light of day. As a concept, Bella Thorne is great, but until she can learn to act properly and get a decent role or two, then she's nothing more than a pout with nice legs.

King of Kings (1961)

Oh come on, it's Easter! Truth if it were needed that Rip Torn can turn up even when you least expect him. I always thought it was so considerate of Brian to die on a Bank Holiday weekend, bless him. Like all good fairy tales, this is entertaining throughout and frankly, the level of accomplishment enjoyed by invisible first century orchestras, as evidenced here, was astounding.

*ducks from mobs of angry Christians everywhere*

Dating & New York (2021)

Brought to this by the city rather than the dating, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be telling us. Millennial dating looks confusing and ultimately unfulfilling and pointless, if the examples presented here are to be believed. It's isn't funny enough to make you laugh, or romantic enough to make you swoon. It thinks it's much cuter than it actually is and has an unusual amount of confidence in it script and its performances. It's like someone told them this would be the next When Harry Met Sally, but really, this can only dream of being in the same league for every reason you can imagine.


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