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The Towel Man (2021)

Well, now I've seen everything. This is cinematic proof that literally anyone can make a movie and get it out there for all to see. Literally. Anyone. Oh good god my eyes.

This is showing on Amazon Prime. AMAZON PRIME. I mean really. What happened? Who approved this? There has to be some way of checking the quality of films reaching the platform. As much to protect makers as well as consumers. Here, it is the latter that need protecting as this is bewilderingly awful.

I'm not going to spend any time on this at all as it doesn't deserve even this much time being spent on it. Just plain awful. Everywhere. This is (and I use this with all due care and attention) the worst film I have seen this year. It could be the worst film to reach a major streaming platform that I have ever seen.

In fact, this is so bad that even the Writer/Director/Producer himself only gave HIS OWN FILM a rate of 6/10, with a comment that the filmmaker had done very well considering there was no budget or named star taking part. You can see his own comments here.


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