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The Visitor (2022)

I really liked their house. I love sprawling, unusually designed buildings, with novel and inventive nooks and crannies, libraries on the stairs, rooms beyond rooms that you rarely come across.

Sadly, this is probably the most interesting thing about the tale of a mysterious doppelganger that Robert (Finn Jones) keeps seeing in pictures in the new town he's moved to with his wife, a former resident of these parts.

The town's odd inhabitants all appear to know something that that they're not letting on, save for the odd unusual outsiders tossed in to give the plot some leverage. For the most part however, this ambles and rambles its way through the running time, doing very little of note.

The performances are fine, but there is little for the talent to do and they are rarely, if ever, stretched to engage in a project that even the makers seem to have got bored of before they'd even finished it. The bizarre third act reveal goes some way to redressing some of the unbalanced pacing throughout, but feels like more of a convenience by the time it arrives.

Not much tension and fewer scares, which was disappointing as it started off quite promisingly, then went sharply downhill. This season's paranormal offerings are better found elsewhere.


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