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The White Lotus (S02) - HBO

So very, very pleased this is back for another Season. This was my favourite show of 2021 and writer/director Mike White was going to be up against it to make it as good as the first season.

I have to be honest and say I'm not jealous of the talents of too many people but Mike White and Mike Flanagan (Hill House, Bly Manor, Midnight Mass) are both people that I would happily chop off a few fingers to be as good as, when getting stories from head to pen to page to screen. Both are hugely talented and inventive, accomplished directors and considered character developers. Pacing and plot is exquisite and casting is, it should come as no surprise, inspired.

And this looks like being much more of the same. I feel truly spoiled from time to time, and this is one of those times. The White Lotus in Hawaii was one thing, but events have moved to it's sister franchise in Sicily for this new season. Gone are the likes of Alexandra Daddario and Sydney Sweeney, but the show's real star and absolute undeniable delight Jennifer Coolidge remains as the only returning cast member. Only one episode in, however, so who knows?

Only an hour in and the development of the characters are expertly delivered by White, with minimal exposition, the stories are revealed in the spaces between the script, by the silences and the looks between and during conversations. It is as fresh today as it was a year ago so far and I personally cannot wait to get my teeth into this new tale. Coolidge already shines and we've barely even started. I see even more Emmy's coming White's way in the not too distant future. Expect to see this racing up to the chart of the best streaming shows this year very quickly.


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