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The Witcher - Season 2 (2021) (TV)

More of the same, but don't you just love it? Henry Cavill returns as Geralt, the monster hunter, and all of the crew are back too, with the addition of a few welcome surprises.

The one man crush I will freely admit too, Cavill's original casting was both obvious and yet still inspired. The self-confessed Warhammer dork takes to the portrayal of Geralt as if born to it. Here we are blessed with another eight episodes in this second season, soon to be devoured the many, many lovers of this Netflix adaptation, of which happily I include myself as one. Personally, I have been waiting for this since the final episode of the first season and now that it has arrived, I am relieved that this is just as engaging, exciting and riveting as the last season. So far, at least. More on this probably, when I get to the end of this season, but I had to mark the day that Geralt returned to us again.


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