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The Witcher (Season 3) - Netflix

Well, so long Henry and thanks for all the brooding. Split up for reasons best known by Netflix themselves into two separate chunks - five episodes, a noticeably lengthy pause, and then the final three. No idea why, to be honest, so don't ask. Like Season Two, the gang's all back, we're all still worried about the well-being of Siri, there's less fighting and Geralt shows, a little too often really, a side of his that is all too vulnerable. One opinion to which I am resolutely and gruffly sticking.

Now there aren't that many things that appear on Netflix, regardless of whatever country my VPN says I'm coming at it from, that I can say "well, that's worth the monthly payment for this lumbering entertainment behemoth on its own" I think the last time such a thing occurred to me was when the last Witcher season turned up. 'The Haunting of Hill House' was another true highlight, but it escapes me presently (and no, I'm not going to look it up) when Netflix exactly let that little nugget loose on us.


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