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They/Them/Us (2021)

Mid-forties sex comedy about BDSM. There you go, that's it, really. Single parents meet after chatting briefly online. Both are parents of two teenage kids and are not getting any younger and keen to experiment, which inevitably leads to several very uncomfortable scenes that we could really do without. There is a reason we have porn, after all.

Even in my increasing years, I find the notion of people close to my own age grinding their privates together a bit unsavoury. If they want to do it in the privacy of their own homes, then okay, have at it. But do we need to see them demonstrating their kinks all up close and personal, like?

Really not very sexy or very funny, despite the occasional actual effort. If the plan was to convey the reality of middle-aged perversion in spite of parenting teenagers, then this does a fine job. It's painful, littered with misery and unpalatable enough as to ensure you don't find yourself in the same shoes.

I'm struggling to find anything else to say about this as I cannot really see the reason for its existence. The acting isn't bad and sometimes is as far as sobering, at least in those periods where the sex takes a back seat to allow for the family issues to come to the fore, which is almost an entirely different film of its own, when given the chance. Remove the sex, and this could easily have been a half-decent Hallmark afternoon.


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