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This Way Up (2019) (TV)

How do I manage to miss these things? I love Sharon Horgan in anything. I'd watch her from across the street of her office with binoculars if there wasn't a law against it. j/k not a stalker.

Yet somehow, despite my love for this outstanding writer and comedian, arguably the very best woman on the planet, this still managed to slip past me when I wasn't looking. Here Sharon plays older sister to the shows' real star and writer Aisling Bea.

"They sounded like two alley cats punching each other in the face."

Following a nervous breakdown, this is the story of Onya (Bea) as she navigates life after the clinic, teaches English to her students and privately tutors a young French boy, whose father seems like romantic material.

Having only ever seen her as a stand-up comedian and quiz show guest, this is very welcome indeed. She is magnetic to watch and she writes with uncanny realism, in spite of her characters' larger than life persona. Horgan and the rest of the cast support more than ably, and the whole thing comes across as very easy to sit through. One of the better finds I have come across on TV this year. And I still have all of Season 2 to catch up on! I'm spoilt.


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