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Titane (2021)

Neonoir thrillerdrama? Not just body shock horror for the sake of it? It might sound trite to mention that a lesbian serial killer, posing as the returned missing child to a loving firefighting father who also has sex with cars is far from the norm, so should we really be surprised by the direction this film takes and the outlandish, often uncomfortable visuals it provides?

A winner at Cannes (so did 'Crash' I am told, although 'Christine ' wasn't so well received) you do have to wonder what to make of this. It was recommended to me during a conversation about Gaspar Noe's Climax, which I personally found to be a profound bore after excellent previous work from him.

Whilst it is visually arresting and has some outstanding acting performances, this really doesn't go anywhere we would want to follow for the majority of its running time and as entertainment per se, this is below par by some degree.

As an example in film-making it comes off much better, however, being nothing short of remarkable at times, even if Cronenberg did a similar thing but better, decades earlier.

If this was just a fraction more graspable, it could have been truly great. Instead, we'll just have to make do with unforgettable.


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