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Together Together (2021)

The story of two lonely souls doing something that will make their own lives fuller, but ironically, given the title, not together. Well, they're doing this together, with no plan to remain together afterwards, when they both get what they want. When Matt (Ed Helms) hires Anna (Patti Harrison) to carry his baby to term, they both find themselves spending more time with one another, and depending on each other more and more. While their relationship grows, maybe strangely, this never progresses into the romantic comedy that it could easily become.

This is very nice. Sounds a bit twee to describe it as such, but it's nonetheless true. This is a simple story about these two people at certain points in their lives which they find to be insufficient. Neither are where they want to be, but by the looks of them, they appear to be doing this because they are lonely and not because either of them actually need a new 'lamp'.

It's well written and has quietly, respectfully funny moments. The whole things seems off-kilter, however, as this is a pregnancy being treated as normal when it is anything but, highlighted particularly by the baby shower Matt arranges for himself while Anna watches on and gets her bump groped by well-wishers she probably envisioned she was never going to meet. Furthermore, if Matt was truly so lonely, he certainly found alot of people to turn up for his shower, which again display a whim, rather than a need.

"Are we friends?" "If we are, I don't think we should be."

So the film does get it, clearly. So why does it take over an hour to get to the above question? Moreover, then why would Matt go to pre-natal classes with Anna, if there is no relationship? It all seems woke beyond belief and the film doesn't mind sharing how aware it is of its delicate subject matter and how it goes about it, but at the same time, expects us to believe that this relationship is in anyway possible, or for that matter, advisable.

Nevertheless, this is still a lovely, engaging and enjoyable project to sit through, even if you have to put your suspension of disbelief on full for the duration. Well performed with a decent script and sweet flourishes make this very easy to watch.


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