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Top Twenty Movies 2022

Okay people, so here it is. It took 407 movies watched in 2022 to create firstly a 40 movie longlist, reduced to this twenty, in reverse order. There are some in here that will surprise you and some that will make your eyes roll in the back of your head, but remember everyone has an opinion and you will likely argue with some of these and some of those included which you may not love. Regardless, please enjoy, I know I did :)

The longlist movies that didn't quite make the final twenty, in no particular order;

Amsterdam, Spirited, Father Stu, Hatching, Family Squares, Decision To Leave, The Woman King, Bones And All, The Pale Blue Eye, Call Jane, Avatar: The Way of Water, Causeway, Nocebo, The Good Nurse, Significant Other, Top Gun: Maverick, Watcher, The Lost City, Ambulance, Deep Water, Downton Abbey: A New Era.


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