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Totally Killer (2023)

"Where Back To The Future meets Scream"

Exclusive to Amazon Prime, this is better than one and way inferior to the other. I'll let you work out which is which. Benefitting from decent, if not outstanding, performances, an often funny tongue-in-cheek script that highlights just how much has actually changed in the best part of forty years and a great soundtrack that will take certain members of the audience back in time too.

Altogether this is not half bad, edging just over average really in the grand scheme of the things. The pacing is good enough to keep you engaged and despite the time shifts, never gets too confusing for the general viewer. Not too graphic either, so you're good to go if your Halloween 'chill' date is of a nervous disposition.

Direction is by the numbers, lacks innovation and is perfectly acceptable but this isn't meant for cinephiles, so I don't think you'll hear too much grumbling. I wanted to say I had a good time with this, but that is slightly over-egging the pudding because it was fine, but really, in the event you haven't somehow seen Marty McFly do his thing, watch that instead.


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