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Transit (2012)

The last time I saw Jim Caviezel on screen he was also grubbing about in the forest, but in Outlander. Prior to that, I saw him flogged as the eponymous son of god in The Passion Of The Christ. He has had small parts in other straight to DVD efforts and had a role in television's Person Of Interest. He appears to have fallen far enough off the radar to wonder if he hadn't pissed God off a little bit. As John Hurt once said, "you may not be out of the game, but they are certainly handing you your hat."

And so now he shows up here, one of only two immediately recognisable faces for most of the audience (the other being Harold Perrineau, from Lost) dragging his miserable family into the middle of nowhere for a camping trip that is supposed to bring the family together after he is released from prison after serving eighteen months for real estate fraud.

At roughly the same time they are packing their bags, a robbery of an armoured car is taking place and in order to get away eith the loot and safely through a police checkpoint, the burglars need to stash the loot somewhere incase the car gets searched at the roadblock. Unfortunately for Cavaziel and his family, they're parked at the same truck stop at the time and while they are away from the car, the thieves switch bags with one of the bags on their roof, knowing that this family holiday is not likely to be halted by suspicious police officers.

All simple enough, you might imagine. And you would be right, up until the thieves try to get their money back again. So begins a cat and mouse chase that becomes way too tiresome too quickly. Caviezel's father figure is not compelling or even interesting enough to root for and his family, god knows why he is trying so hard, are a bunch of miserable, feckless ingrates that would rather be at home than trying to get into the spirit of the thing and try and be a family again. The criminals here are lacklustre and not at all credible. Perrineau and Frain particularly fail to inject any real kind of menace into proceedings and you're left wondering, despite the opening scenes, just how worrying it would really be, being pursued by these numpties.

The whole thing felt overlong (and it was less than nintey minutes anyway) and poorly delivered. The script was awful and the acting did not help one bit. It was a chore to sit through from beginning to end and the only high points came when there looked like being a very real sense of danger for the family's brat children and mother. Only at this point did I really take notice of proceddings, actually hoping that the criminals would off the lot of them, so they could finally, for the love of God, get their money back and then it could finally, once and for all, just end.

Avoid if you have anything else to do. At all.


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