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True Things (2021)

True things indeed. If we're supposed to believe that Ruth Wilson has saucy dreams and likes Jam on toast, that hardly marks her out for distinct individuality. Things may not be exciting, but they are true. Okay, title established.

Wilson plays Kate, an employment benefits officer with dreams of escaping her humdrum banality to somewhere more exotic, when she bumps into new client and ex-con Blond (Tom Burke), who proceeds to 'rock her world'. The timing for a new adventure seems overdue and the lack of common-sense she displays is evident.

Wilson and Burke are both very experienced and diligent character actors, but they are rarely truly tested here. The story meanders and it never really approaches anything as close to romance as we might define it, more a diary of a woman's early/mid-life crisis and her search for meaning in a meaningless existence that she finally appears to be waking up from.

It started as if threatening to follow the 'Fresh' route of a blossoming relationship becoming something entirely different but then when that didn't happen, I was left wondering where it intended to go? I may not be the target demographic, but was left considering the nature of relationships and whether this is indicative of what happens today and what the expectations from women and men truly are.

Yes, I imagine people can find a spark immediately and fall headlong for each other with little more than a bat of the eyes, but I would hope they are in the minority and that real love comes in a more traditional fashion, making this tale unique and all the more worth telling.

Engaging throughout, both of our leads do sterling work here, but this is ultimately unfulfilling. As a love is blind, new relationship full of passion at the cost of everything, it is doing its best, but never quite captures the essence of those first few hedonistic moments, days, weeks etc, when the rest of the world was barely there, but definitely didn't matter.


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