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Turning Red (2022)

Whilst I have loved Pixar in my time, possibly due to the experiences of having children of my own, who are now grown up themselves, I failed to connect to this even remotely. Not being, or ever have been, a teenage girl, I am obviously not the target audience. I was part repelled by the obnoxious school kids and puzzled over the choice to hint at menstrual maturity being the potential reason for this helter-skelter girl's mood swings and her subsequent biological transformation from annoying young teenager to, well, a big red panda.

Despite this going right over my head, literally whooshing over it, it does beg the question as to why Pixar agreed to drop this on Disney+. Did they not have any confidence that this could perform adequately at the box office? I imagine the Pixar staff responsible for bringing this to life would much rather have seen it presented in cinemas, given the choice. As such, it begs the question why.

"I don't trust them, those glittery delinquents, with their...gyrations."

Now I love BTS as much as the next teenage girl (well maybe not as much, but still quite a bit) but I saw myself in Meilin's mother, Ming, played effortlessly by Sandra Oh far more often and disliked all of the young female teenagers featured here almost as much as to have to fight the very real need to turn the thing off to save my sanity.

I am quite prepared to be corrected by those people that know better, that can reliably convince me that these characters are representative of a generation that I would clearly have trouble understanding, in the unlikely event I was ever to be stuck in a room with any of them, god forbid. I was not entertained as much as beaten over the head by this, which may be thrilling for some, but stop for a minute, and remember Toy Story.

For the love of all that is holy, remember Toy Story. That was the real Pixar.


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