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Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)

I don't think I'm alone in saying that I could watch Woody Harrelson in anything. This fact is responsible for sitting through alot of movies I would have otherwise steered clear of.

Not so here, however. I was looking forward to this long before I became aware of its existence, mostly in the twinkle of the minds eye of Tom Hardy, the driving force behind Venom's next episode.

Assisted once more by Michelle Williams and the addition of Naomie Harris and Stephen Graham, this is an all too short sequel to the first outing which surprised Marvel almost as much as everyone else upon release.

Having been regaled of the back story in the first film, it was time to flesh out Venom's character a little further, and at the same time, throw Eddie Brock into the further adventures of alien shape-shifting. This time, convicted murderer Woody Harrelson gets the chance to morph into Carnage, the red menace and basically all hell breaks loose.

This is very formulaic and it's possible to argue that the talent on screen had a much larger say than normal in the whole project. It is short with mostly action scenes, missing maybe some of the normal exposition we would expect from this kind of thing.

Entertaining of course, we would expect nothing less, but this maybe lacks some soul and about another half an hour wouldn't go amiss either, if only to give us the opportunity to love these characters more than we do already.

Light on script, yet heavy on delivery.


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