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Voyagers (2021)

Firstly, where the hell was I when this came out? Under that rock, presumably? Sci-fi with Colin Farrell in it. I imagine I would have been piqued! Not much in the way of marketing for this then?

Judging by my peers, there's probably a reason those involved weren't doing a song and dance about it at the time. What the hell, I thought, let's give it a go. Labelled as 'rapey' by a couple of people, the surreptitious pervert in me was naturally curious as to what they meant.

Initially, I was hit by the Equilibrium vibes early on as our young Voyagers discover that they are being drugged by their superiors to make them docile and compliant on a long journey that they will knowingly never get to the end of. Their chaperone, Richard (Farrell), may or may not be complicit in this deception. Ooh, tension and mystery! Gattaca superhumans traversing the galaxy, whatever next?

These scientifically created individuals had been 'made and not born' (thanks Morpheus) in the full knowledge that they are there to continue the species. Odd that there was no cryogenic option, so they didn't have to live through this space-faring purgatory. And if these kids can be created from a test tube, do we really need to drag them all on this journey?

Couldn't they just do a Prometheus/Covenant trick and take the fertilized eggs in cold storage? They've already proved it works by having all these soon-to-be horny teenagers on board in the first place. It may not have been as entertaining as anything Ridley Scott would have come up with, but still, it might have saved us all some time had we known the shortcomings beforehand.

All very Lord of the Flies, really. I hate children. :)


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