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We're All Going to the World's Fair (2021)

The first half an hour gave me chills, largely due to the performance of Anna Cobb. The rabbit hole that Kacey (Cobb) appears to be going down is something that all teenagers, more often than not, will be familiar with, and the lonely, lost voice crying for help in the void of ambivalence is more prevalent and more provocative in these days of pandemics and avatars, online alter-egos and remote acquaintances we may never meet.

"I swear someday soon I'm going to disappear and you won't have any idea what happened to me."

Sounds like the lament of the lost, right? Well, it is really. Unheard and unloved in a world that could really barely care less about you. It isn't unique, even if it feels like it is, and this is just one example of the trauma it can cause, obtuse and ethereal though it is.

Horrible not horror, this is still mostly uncomfortable, but not for the reasons you might initially expect.


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