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Welcome To Wrexham (FX/Disney+)

First the BBC gave us Robbie Savage's Macclesfield enterprise, creating a football club out of practically thin air with a few bob and some excellent marketing, a Chairman with a dream and just enough cash to have a stab at a fanciful idea which was far more likely to go wrong than right. Savage had some sway, of course, as the only real professional with any clout involved, but accompanied by a dedicated and enthusiastic local workforce, doing the real grunting. A real feeling of family was presented to admiring viewers everywhere, loving the very real fairy-tale unfolding before their very eyes. So, after that success, anything was possible. I mean anything. Deadpool could buy lowly National League Wrexham AFC and make it work, right? Sounds ridiculous? Well...

A collection of talking heads, from the owner of the local pub who also flips burgers on matchdays, to the clubs volunteer CEO and a host of fans and players and management, this is all about the story of the Rob and Ryan's first foray into the wonderful world of football club ownership. Okay, it's not Man City, but this is kind of the charm. Only two episodes in, and already the dawning realisation is really starting to bite for the Hollywood pair, and unsurprisingly the major draw of the series is Rob and Ryan of course, who feature heavily, and watching reality truly get a grip on them is a gift that will inevitably just keep on giving.

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