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What Happens Later (2023)

Just what would it take to get Meg Ryan back to work?

Well this, apparently. Written and Directed by the darling of the nineties rom-com herself, she ends up stuck in an extended stopover between flights with David Duchovny.

Could be worse, I suppose, I'm just not sure who for. The script is just properly nice. Clever occasionally and funny just about as often. The storyline of two lovers happenstancing into each other a couple of decades later isn't really convincing anyone, even if it is a nice idea.

Time has not improved Ryan's ability to gel well with her co-stars and that is more evident at times here than ever. The nicest thing I can say about this is that I pulled a worried face at the release of the trailer, expecting this to be utter tripe, which it ended up not being, overall.

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