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Wifelike (2022)

Probably not the last 'welcome home robot' story we'll be discussing this month, *cough* Megan *cough*, but rather than a child's insidious plaything, the is more for the grown-ups.

In the near future, flawless female companions have been created and if you have the cash, you can have one. The company responsible, Wifelike, do not discriminate except on your ability to pay and real women everywhere are taking up arms in protest against this dangerous precedent for alleged future male happiness.

These creations are not without their own problems, regardless of what their makers would have you believe, with rogue companions popping up all over the place and somebody needs to take them down. Cue, blade runner in all but name, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, who I can only assume didn't really read the script before agreeing to it. Either that, or he badly manages a very aggressive crack habit and needed the money.

Whilst this does fulfil a need, I suppose, I'm not convinced that the message being conveyed is really getting through or that the reason that most people will watch it for is the same as the writers would hope. Oh no, what shall we do, all of these pretty young women robots forced to live a terrible life of lingerie, bodycon dresses and cooking, just to please a man. I might have to watch it again, for research purposes, you understand. (j/k - I'm never watching this rubbish again)

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