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Wild Tales (2014)

[IMDB Completionists Series #10 of 85]

"If rat poison expires, does it become more or less harmful?"

Six stories, very disconnected from one another, written and directed by Damián Szifrón. Whilst saying this, there remains a theme throughout, of being placed in a, usually, ordinary circumstance, when something extraordinary happens, and how the characters deal with that at the time. Dark and more often comical, the closest I would compare it to would be Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, whose stories are a little longer on average and based around our relationship with technology as opposed to just every day things that could happen to any of us, anywhere.

And it's the average everyday-ness of each story, bizarre in their own unique way that makes the film so enticing. You get the immediate feeling you are in good hands from the very start and the unusual circumstance of every one passengers on a plane flight knowing the same particular person at one point in their lives just begs questions, even if we subsequently don't have time to ask them.

Rage/revenge is a recurring theme and the instability and the weaknesses of man is over-riding throughout, uncovering the often unsavoury underbelly of human nature in almost all consequences. At least those circumstances highlighted here. Widely recognised enough to make it one of five best foreign film nominees at 2015's Oscars, this really does have high quality production values and great performances. I smiled through almost the entire running time, though some shorts are better than others.

Recommended for those of a certain warped sense of humour and understand the shortcomings of themselves and others. This is as much a mirror as a window, after all.


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