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Windfall (2022)

Well, well, isn't this a contemporary free-for-all commune of collaborative altogetherness. Written and Directed by (less be honest now) creative oddball Charlie McDowell (The One I Love), with writing credits also applied to Jason Segel. The three acting leads here all have producing credits also, as does McDowell.

OCD Warning - Lack of coaster usage for cold drinks in a glass on wood countertop (sorry, it just bugs me).

This, the second new Netflix release I have watched just this weekend (and we're only on Saturday morning) is a quirky almost comedy, that is more curio than laugh a minute.

Jason Segel plays a fairly useless thief, rifling through an empty, remote and glamorous house when the owners arrive back unexpectedly. Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins play the seemingly idyllic couple in question, the former a billionaire tycoon. Seems our burglar has struck more gold than he anticipated, if only he could get his hands on it.

Events conspire to keep these three people together longer than your usual smash and grab home invasion would normally take and inevitably through conversation, home truths are visited and character arcs are developed.

Well acted with a simple but effective script and plot that rarely surprises. In McDowell's hands, you can be relatively confident you are in a safe if non-challenging space. I wondered at the outset why this was so short, but this three-hander doesn't have very much to say by design, rather than competency and you can only navel-gaze so much before it begins to look obvious.

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