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You Hurt My Feelings (2023)

Meh, really. Whilst this is never bad per se, it is a little bit, erm, default. The performances are good but just how hard is it to portray white, privileged, upper-middle-class, middle-aged people, when you already are one?

It's neither as funny or as clever as it thinks or wants to be, but in the same breath, neither is it a chore. I was bored, sure, because the story was unoriginal, uninventive and tired. There are literally hundreds of New York tales out there and this is too far removed from the best of them as to be obvious. Not alarmingly so, as this never gets that adventurous or exciting to begin with.

I spent most of the running time thinking 'well, that wouldn't happen'. I mean, who goes to the trouble of eating salad for lunch because it's healthy and then buys and ice cream cone for afters? There is a modicum of characterization which has no intention of developing, choosing instead to ham-fistedly approach the philosophy of how we treat our friends and loved ones in order to maintain them, even if it does mean telling the odd untruth to protect them.

As far as the people here are concerned, this really shouldn't be news, and it isn't, which strikes me as coming across as a little naïve. I will have forgotten I have seen this before the end of July, so little did it resonate or inspire. Not bad, but given those involved, disappointingly average.


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