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American Fiction (2023)

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As good as the trailer suggested it would be six months ago. Only right really that it is now garnering the praise it really deserves at just the right time. The always aspiring 'writer of the greatest ever fiction committed to print' in me recognises alot here, most notably that trash is easy to sell and easier to write with the right audience, if you're happy to be famous for it.

Not everybody is, thankfully. It's a perfectly legitimate moral quandary that writers come up against every day. How much of your soul do you need to really sell to pay the rent?

The performances are great, the writing both whipcrack smart and sometimes deliberately awful with a feel that is skirting between indie and mainstream, falling after something of a balancing act on the latter of the two. Got to, really. I mean, awards, am I right? Don't blame them in the least, really, even if it does skirt sometimes into hypocritical territory.

And while we should be grateful that only the awards season could really be accused of plutocracy, this hints at the world of publishing in the same vein, knowing what sells best is rarely high art, in print or on film.

But there is much more to this going on than the trailer would have you believe. Much less comical than you would have expected walking in, which says alot about the drama that takes over the major part of the movie, concentrating on our protaganists life outside of writing books he thinks are beneath him.

I could have sat through another hour of such well-crafted and relatable story-telling and was surprised when it ended as I was too engaged to look at the clock. I can't say that every day.



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