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Hellbound (2021) (TV)

Be sure your sins will find you out, apparently

Hot on the heels of Squid Game comes a new shocking Korean series to Netflix to try and make us sit up and take notice. Doing very well on the back of the aforementioned surprise hit, thankyou very much, is this cautionary tale about being a good person, or literally, to hell with you if you're not.

It would have been difficult to imagine that this would have received the same levels of attention as it has without the assistance of Squid Game, but it is no less relevant and deserving for that fact, given that its message is just as important. Where Squid Game tried to teach us the fact that a happy life isn't often always about how much money you have and here the lesson is about trying to live your best life as well as you can, without having a negative effect on the lives of others.

We cannot argue that this project is a great idea, coming as some believe in a time of human history that future generations would probably choose to forget, or at least look upon with more than the usual degree of regret, that the point is nothing if not salient. Greed, power, consumption, wantonness are all very real and to imagine that if there was a God who had failed to make man live as they should by suggestion and scripture, then who could say that this same deity may just take another, more vital, step towards making Its' ultimate decrees unavoidable. You might argue that religion has always advanced through fear anyway. Would such a step demonstrated here then really be such a surprise?

What we are confronted with here is the alleged demand for the pursuit of righteousness, of combating good over evil. This 'New era' is a given to some of the people shown here and that anything other than this approach would lead to naturally deserved damnation. Suffice to say there is more than just 'God's work' on hand here.

Thought-provoking and considered as well as brutal and grisly, this is a slow-burn fairy tale that we can all hope, deep down, never comes to pass. Who knows where we would all end up. God help us all. Or not, considering.


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