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Hijack - Apple+

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How are they going to fill a whole season, no matter the amount episodes, with the event of a hijacking of one flight from Saudi to Heathrow? Idris Elba better be fucking charming.

And thankfully he is, of course. At six episodes in, we're nearly home to blighty, with the whole seven hour flight played out over the same number of episodes. It's not 24, but you get the gist.

So the wheels are barely up and what do you know, the clue is in the title. These are not your normal NBC terrorists, however, and this decidedly international concept is brought very uncomfortably to home. The majority of the cast are British, not least Idris, but also main antagonist, the gun-toting Neil Maskell, who is suitably brilliant, of course. Part raging lunatic, part rather over-anxious pawn for something bigger.

The issue of a 'real-time' story is that if you have to wait for a week for each hour, then it becomes less enthralling as a general rule and with all hell breaking loose in one form or another, it's a bugger just to keep up. If you haven't started watching it yet, I would urge you to wait until the run has finished and scoop up the whole thing on a rainy weekend, as it will be much more satisfying consumed whole, so to speak. This is, as they never say, greater than the sum of its parts.

Apple has indeed done it again with this and Platonic in just the last couple of months, not to mention a new season of Foundation has also started on the platform and all will be most likely in my list of the top streaming seasons of the year.

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