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This Is Going To Hurt (2022) (BBC)

Adam Kay used to be an obstetrics doctor. Who knew? Here was have a seven part BBC drama about the ups and mostly downs of a junior doctor and their experiences, mostly in a underfunded, highly-stressed NHS Hospital, coming directly and auto-biographically from the man himself, even naming our star, Ben Whishaw, after himself. Occasionally we see outside the ward and even get a trip to a private hospital briefly, if only to highlight the massive and often under-appreciated amount of work that the NHS people do, in spite of what seem like insurmountable obstacles.

This is, without doubt, the best seven episodes of Holby City you're ever likely to see. The writing is fantastic enough to make you wish you could deliver the lines yourself. We got an idea of what quality was coming when astride a patient on a trolley haring through the hospital, it hits a wall and Doctor Adam apologises to the patient for it being 'a bit too Alton Towers'. I doubt even Kay was quick-witted enough at the time to make the comment, even if the event actually took place, but his writing allows for rose-tinted hindsight, like many of the conversations that take place in this maternity ward.

This is real drama, however, and to merely make light of the story would not be doing it justice as there is poignancy, tragedy and delight all included, albeit in very different amounts most of the time. Whishaw is cast superbly, even if he looks nothing like Kay, who if he had anything to do with the casting, clearly hasn't taken a look in the mirror since he gave up medicine, so possibly a bit of wish-fulfilment at work, perhaps?

Highly recommended and brought me to tears in the final episode when the clock to deliver a baby was truly ticking. Cannot wait to Season Two. Please tell me there is more of these, please.

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